Why photo products? by Rudolph Peter

Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoyed viewing my portfolio. 

I love all forms of photography, but portraiture gets my juices flowing. Why portrait and not landscape photography? People provide a near limitless amount of expressions and emotions and I love capturing them. I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them, and creating art with them. While I enjoy the outdoors, I don't have the same emotional connection to the landscape as I do to the people I photograph.

I love providing clients with superior images. My mission is to "wow" each client not only with photos they will love but, also, products they will cherish. A digital file is one dimensional- you have no connection to it, even if it's on your iPhone or tablet. A photographic print brings your picture to life because you can hold, feel and display the print. Custom photographic art for the home has never been more exciting. Canvas prints, metallic photo blocks, and metal prints are some of the great ways to showcase your photographs. 

Metallic photo block.

Contact us to book a session soon. We promise you won't be disappointed.